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South Africa’s dumping dilemma

Tourism contributed 10% to our GDP in 2016
90% of an estimated 59 million tonnes of general waste ends up in landfills
Only 5,2% of households recycled waste in 2015
South Africa has around 826 landfill sites


Cleaning up wasteful practises

Waste removal is a significant industry with a R15 billion revenue and creates almost 30 000 jobs
Our National Waste Management Strategy aims to divert 25% of recyclables from landfill sites for re-use, recycling or recovery
Four waste management projects implemented nationally in 2016 attracted over R1 billion, creating 148 jobs


Global waste realities

Germany is the global leader in municipal solid waste recycling, processing 66% of produced waste
Singapore produces the most waste at an average of 1 394kg of waste per person per year
Wales is on track to reach its goal of zero waste by 2050

What we do know is that waste management is a growing problem and companies need to be innovative, investing time and money to play their role in addressing it.

– Heidi Newton-King, private industry director of

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A world of potential in waste management

South Africa is currently the 15th largest global producer of waste. With less land available for landfill sites and less water free for processing waste, the solution to our growing problem lies in a strong group effort, the fostering of innovative ideas, and developing sustainable action plans.

Within our masses of waste lie great opportunities, as has been demonstrated by numerous South African industry leaders. These various companies have used the need for sustainable waste management to generate profits, savings and positive public images.

The benefits of sustainable and responsible waste management are far reaching and affect multiple industry sectors. Local municipalities are struggling with the demand for effective waste management, allowing room for private industries to take matters into their own hands. Advanced Swedish technologies such as Thermo-Fusion have yet to be implemented in our country and hold tremendous potential. Our current systems can easily be built upon and improved, providing a sound base for upcoming projects. The longer the delay the larger the problem becomes, impacting human and environmental health. As Statistics South Africa says, “Recycling aids in conserving energy, saves natural resources and reduces pollution.”


As a leader in the staff outsourcing and recruitment industry, we have a proven track record of partnering with and supplying staffing solutions to thousands of clients since 1972. Our expertise and infrastructure allow us to supply any category of staff for short or long periods of time, depending on your requirements, with improved productivity and bottom-line benefits.

We offer you a fully integrated solution to all your staffing requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business functions while your company is grown by the best talent available.

We have the right people for the right job in the waste management industry:

 Baler assistants
 Baler operators
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 Depot Managers
 Forklift Drivers
 General Workers: Sorters and skilled
 Quality Controllers
 Recycling Supervisors
 SHE Officers
 Site Foremen
 Vehicle Assistants
 Weighbridge Clerks

What makes our service unique?

Our recruitment cycle ensures that the textbook team is formed for your unique project needs. From aggressive recruitment campaigns to utilising our extensive database, we remain your preferred staffing partner.

Operational Requirements
Your project needs to run at maximum capacity in order to secure a profit and maintain productivity. By working with various companies under the Workforce Holdings banner, we’re able to provide the services required to keep everything working smoothly. Inductions, PPE specifications and costings, on-site medicals and more are organised by us and are essential to maintaining optimal productivity.

Key Account Management
The management of people, processes, finances and admin, systems, service integration and planning are handled by our highly competent and experienced team of account managers.

Local recruitment
Understanding the finesses of local employment and working together with the community are often demanded and we have the ability to build the bridges you need to form this relationship.

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