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By Donné Nieman, Sales Director: Western Cape at Workforce Staffing

The move toward renewable energy solutions in South Africa is gaining significant traction as more and more businesses and homes look to move away from the grid in the wake of intensified load shedding. This is spurring the growth of a whole new industry – the supply and manufacture of components for renewable energy solutions, which is also taking off locally. However, the renewables supply chain is complex and many-faceted, and to support this growth, the right labour is essential. A specialised and experienced Temporary Employment Services (TES) partner is an invaluable asset.

More than just solar panels

While solar is one of the most popular solutions currently in South Africa, the renewable energy supply chain is made up of many more elements. This includes an entire value chain of components from manufacture to transport and the logistics of getting them where they need to be. As South Africa (and the world) gear more toward sustainable energy practices, this industry is booming, and we are starting to see more and more components manufactured and assembled locally.

We also have a burgeoning independent power sector that needs support, from the construction of plants to deployment and ongoing maintenance. Labour, as always, is an integral component of any industry, but the renewables sector is fraught with challenges. This includes a lack of skilled resources, challenges with sourcing labour in more remote areas and the massive administrative effort required to find, hire, onboard and manage a large labour force. A TES provider makes the ideal partner to support the growth and development of alternative and renewable energy solutions.

The people component is essential

When it comes to providing labour to support the energy industry, there are certain specialist requirements. A provider with experience in manufacturing is invaluable, but the manufacturing of energy components can be a challenge all on its own. A TES partner with experience in both manufacturing and green energy solutions, with an understanding of the urgency and pressures of the sector, is essential.

With the right TES partner, enterprises across the value chain, from manufacturing to transport, construction to transmission, and supply to maintenance, will be supported with effective labour to help them meet South Africa’s energy demand. A reputable and experienced TES partner will have the ability to recruit effectively and in line with compliance requirements, removing the administrative burden of this hiring process.

A TES provider will also take on the human resources component of the labour they supply, including payroll, disciplinary procedures and more, leaving enterprises free to focus on managing and growing their business. In addition, the right TES partner will be in a position to identify talent and upskill them to enable them to grow within the value chain, adding to the further sustainability of South Africa’s energy industry.



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