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“We need to see more South Africans with access to affordable, Internet-connected smartphones, which open a world of opportunity to global collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.”

– Previous South African Minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams


Countrywide communications

  • The growing popularity of services such as mobile money have led to the increased adoption of mobile technology in Africa.
  • The telecommunications sector generates its income from two main services: telecommunications (which includes the provision of fixed, mobile and internet services) and broadcasting.
  • In 2019, over two-thirds of income generated by telecommunications services was from mobile lines. Fixed lines accounted for 5% and Internet services 7%.

Future talking points

  • In 2020, the number of mobile subscriptions in South Africa was 95.96 million.
  • MTN achieved the highest percentage of 4G network availability, with an availability rate of 89.5%.
  • The MTN Group is the leading mobile operator in Africa. In 2015, the group had about 232.5 million subscribers. As of 2020, that number increased to 279.6 million.

The global voice

  • The telecommunications sector is accommodating the rapid shift in working arrangements, helping businesses to stay in operation and communities connected remotely.
  • While the pandemic’s long-term effects on how we work and communicate are not clear, access to a stable telecommunications sector remains vital to full economic participation.
  • While the conditions vary across different countries and regional economic communities, most signs point to mobile technologies facilitating an increasingly connected continent.

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Before the emergence of the Internet, the spread of social media, the importance of WhatsApp and the need for email access, the telecommunications industry was all about the simple telephone. No other technology allowed people to communicate as effectively at a distance, opening the potential for growth at an unprecedented rate. Our current range of telecommunications systems is extremely broad and is improving and evolving at an exponential rate. It includes land line telephones, cell phone networks and infrastructure, broadcast television, instant messaging, a host of Web and Internet-based communication, as well as data transmission.

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The telecommunications industry today involves multiple facets, including software-based applications, structural engineering requirements, suppliers of telecommunications equipment and software among more.

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Effective telecommunications systems are essential for South African businesses and individuals. We cannot be expected to operate on the global stage of commerce without the support of a sound communications infrastructure. South Africa’s telecommunications industry encompasses multiple service providers, including our telephone provider, Internet service providers, cellular service providers, national television provision, and satellite operators among more.

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Key Account Management:  The management of people, processes, finances and admin, systems, service integration and planning is handled by our highly competent and experienced team of account managers.

Local recruitment: Understanding the finesses of local employment and working together with the community are often demanded and we have the ability to build the bridges you need to form this relationship. We support your views and obligations to the community by utilising a number of strategies, including the implementation of a of suppliers’ database, organisation of community meetings and presentations, CSI initiative visibility, early payment to local suppliers, and more proven strategies.

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