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“Local and international trends show that audiences are willing to pay for credible news and this is only increasing in the wake of the fake news crisis..”

– TMO, April 2017



Keeping South Africans in the know

  • Total newspaper distribution in South Africa increased by 4% from 2021 Q2 to 5 850 426.
  • The Sunday Times, Soccer Laduma and the Daily Sun have the largest print circulation in South Africa.
  • The Daily Sun has an incredibly high daily print run at 141 187 editions.

The future in print

  • Huisgenoot remains by far the most popular magazine in South Africa, selling 140 000 copies a week.
  • The leading business consumer magazine is Business Brief, with a circulation staying stable at around 52 000.
  • The print media sector has experienced significant disruption from digitisation and declining advertising spend over some decades.

Global press phenomena

  • The global print media market is expected to grow from $287.87 billion in 2020 to $313.28 billion in 2021.
  • The market is expected to reach $342.81 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 2%.
  • Asia Pacific was the largest region in the global print media market, accounting for 37% of the market in 2020.

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To quote past newspaper editor and industry leader Peter Wilby, “Anybody who says they can predict the future of newspapers is either a liar or a fool.” New technologies, market shifts, information revolutions and more have drastically aff ected our print media consumption over the past few decades. However, despite all these fl uctuations and anomalies, newspapers still remain a trusted go-to source for information.

Print advertisements and media remain a staple for South African businesses looking for hard-hitting methods of promotion. Brochures and product guides, leafl ets and company profiles, all are better received when presented in high quality print. Partnering with an experienced purveyor of print staffi ng solutions ensures that your investment in this hard-hitting medium is secure and eff ective.


As a leader in the staff outsourcing and recruitment industry we have a proven track record of partnering with and supplying staffing solutions to thousands of clients since 1972. Our expertise and infrastructure allow us to supply any category of staff for short or long periods of time, depending on your requirements, with improved productivity and bottom-line benefits.

We offer you a fully integrated solution to all your staffi ng requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business functions while your company is grown by the best talent available.

We have the right people for the right job in the media and printing industry:

  • Admin Assistants

  • Admin Clerks

  • Artisans

  • Baler Operators

  • Binders

  • Cleaners

  • Code 10 / 14 Drivers

  • Fitters

  • Folder Operators

  • Forklift Drivers + Grabs

  • General Workers

  • Folder Minders

  • Quality Controllers

  • Reel Hand Operators

  • Stack Operators

  • Supervisors

We are passionate about our business and provide solutions relevant to your needs.

– Mdu Dlamini, Managing Director.

Workforce Staffing’s recruitment cycle ensures that the best team is formed for your unique project needs. From an aggressive recruitment campaigns to utilising our extensive database, we remain your preferred staffing partner.

Local requirements
Your project needs to run at maximum capacity in order to secure a profit and maintain productivity. By working with various companies under the Workforce Holdings banner, we’re able to provide the services required to keep everything working smoothly. We organise inductions, PPE specifications and costings, on-site medicals and more, which are essential to maintaining optimal productivity.

Key Account Management
The management of people, processes, finances and admin, systems, service integration and planning are handled by our highly competent and experienced team of account managers.

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Getting a job with us is mahala!

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