Commercialising cannabis offers huge opportunities for employment and economic growth

By Lucinda Alfonica, Commercial Manager at Workforce Staffing 04 June 2022 Cannabis use has long been a taboo in South Africa, but opinions are beginning to shift since it became legal for private use. Commercial cultivation for scientific and medical purposes is becoming increasingly acceptable across the continent, with Lesotho, eSwatini, Zimbabwe and Morocco legalising […]

New broadcast spectrum availability to open opportunities for employment and nurture talent

By Natashia Barnabas, Industrial Relations Manager at Workforce Staffing June 2022 In March 2022, the Department of Communications, through ICASA, began auctioning off available spectrum to bidders, largely telecoms corporations. This auction netted more than R14 billion for the national fiscus and will hasten the roll-out of critical digital connectivity across the country while creating […]

Harassment in a temporary workplace – addressing the elephant in the room

By Lucinda Alfonica, Commercial Manager at Workforce Staffing Harassment in the workplace is not limited to unwanted sexual attention. It also occurs when an individual is belittled, shown hostility, or is subjected to unwelcome conduct from a co-worker or supervisor. Intended to make the victim feel uncomfortable, harassment in the workplace does not  only affect […]

Home Affairs digitisation within three years – can it be done?

By Donné Nieman, Sales Director (Western Cape) at Workforce Staffing With more than three hundred million paper records dating back to the 1800s, the South African Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is ripe for digitisation. In the 2022 State of the Nation Address, President Ramaphosa announced that the DHA intends to appoint 10,000 young IT […]

Private sector has a crucial role to play in reducing youth unemployment

By Lucinda Alfonica, Commercial Manager at Workforce Staffing South Africa’s youth unemployment levels have reached a crisis point. Youth of today is the workforce of tomorrow, and they are the ones who should be earning and spending and keeping the economy circulating. However, we find ourselves in a situation where businesses only want to hire […]

Solving the skills challenge around renewable energy projects in South Africa

By Barend Mathee, National Projects Director at Workforce Staffing With yet another round of load shedding currently in effect, it is more clear than ever that South Africa needs renewable energy. Government has opened up the power sector, with various bid windows of the Renewable Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP) as well as new regulations […]

Flexible staffing is key to getting the hospitality sector back on its feet

By Donné Nieman, Sales Director – Western Cape The South African hospitality sector was arguably the hardest-hit industry as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, curfews and other government control measures. These events highlighted the risks involved in maintaining large, full-time staff complements, as many hospitality businesses were forced to lay […]

Newsroom: The National Minimum wage increase 2022


TES providers can help you maintain good employee relations – key for business efficiency

By Lucinda Alfonica, Commercial Manager for the Western Cape, Workforce Staffing The pandemic has highlighted the importance of employee relations in the workplace, and it is more critical than ever to maintain clear communication between management and workers. A breakdown in employee relations can be detrimental to the organisation and business productivity. Using a temporary […]

South African businesses can leverage the growing gig economy for sustainability

By Jeandie Leone, Commercial Executive at Workforce Staffing Solutions The world is constantly changing, and business models need to adapt to these shifts. As we move further into the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), the old ways of working are becoming increasingly obsolete. The traditional concept of an eight-hour job where you clock in and clock […]