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Winning in today’s business world is largely dependent upon having the right people to implement the plan; companies who invest in talent acquisition strategies end up winning.

Global HR Strategist and bestselling author, Rita Trehan



Our current employment landscape

Employment costs contribute 14% of total expenditure in the formal business sector
R340 billion was spent on salaries and wages, bonuses, medical aid, various benefits and other employee-related costs in the second quarter of 2018
The community, social and personal services industry recorded the highest proportion of spending on employment costs (32%)


Securing our future careers

Demand for software developers is rising by 12% month on month
Middle/department managers and financial/project accountants are also gaining demand
Managerial vacancies increased by 3% mid 2018


The global workforce

The global unemployment rate has been stabilizing after a rise in 2016
Service sector jobs will be the main driver of future global employment growth
The average age of working people is projected to rise from just under 40 in 2017 to over 41 in 2030

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The need for a tight talent fit

If we compare the recruiting landscape of 30 years ago with today’s view, there’d be very few similarities. We no longer rely on page eight newspaper adverts to find applicants. Five-minute interviews no longer stand between a candidate and their new role. Background checks, reference checks, document verifications, skills analysis, cultural EQ consideration, candidate chemistry and many more factors have to be considered in today’s highly competitive market.

When performed internally, HR and IR teams focus their energy on advertising, screenings, shortlists, interviews and more. If all this has been for nought, then a vast number of resources have been expended for nothing. Making use of an expert staffing provider frees up internal resources and ensures that the best possible candidate is placed in the optimal position.


As a leader in the staff outsourcing and recruitment industry we have a proven track record of partnering with and supplying staffing solutions to thousands of clients since 1972. Our expertise and infrastructure allow us to supply any category of staff for short or long periods of time, depending on your requirements, with improved productivity and bottom-line benefits.

We offer a fully integrated solution to all your staffing requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business functions while your company is grown by the best talent available.

What makes our service unique?

Permanent staffing solutions: No matter the sector or industry, we can handle your permanent staffing needs.

Dedicated Account Management: We believe in building solid relationships with our clients as this assists us in making the right match of candidate to client.

In-depth research: A full client needs-analysis is conducted prior to recruitment and selection process.

Tested processes: Comprehensive and thorough recruitment and selection process is systematically followed.

Thorough interviews: Competency-based interviewing techniques ensure that your candidate doesn’t only look good on paper

Superior resources: Our qualified recruiters have access to an extensive database as well as a wide-reaching national footprint

Administrative assistance: We submit qualified and experienced candidates allowing your Human Resources department to focus on its core function.

CRM Expertise: Our Candidate Relationship Management has been honed and perfected from the placement of thousands of candidates, placing candidates that make a positive impact on your business.

Competitive pricing: Our fee structure and tailor-made solutions for exclusivity ensure that businesses large and small are able to make use of our expert services

“No results – no fee” solution: The fee is only payable once a suitable candidate has been selected and is successfully employed by your company.

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