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“I firmly believe that behind everysuccessful organisation is a great human resources department.”

– Charece Newell, Forbes Human Resources Council


The need for professional personnel

  • 59% of businesses view the sourcing of highly-skilled talent as the most important in talent acquisition.
  • 46% of organisations find a shortage of skills to be their biggest obstacle to attracting the best talent.
  • Screening is viewed as the most time-consuming aspect of internal recruitment.

South Africa’s outsourcing answer

  • Temporary Employment Services benefit those unable to secure a permanent position.
  • Specialist language and admin skills can easily be sourced by a leading TES supplier.
  • Unemployment in South Africa rose to 34.4% in the second three months of 2021.

Global outsourcing landscape

  • Full-time remote workers are 5% more likely to be high performers than full-time office workers.
  • Only 36% of employees were high performers at organisations with a standard 40-hour work week.
  • Temporary staffing needs increase as skills demands increase.

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An effective and efficient office support team serves a critical role in any company. Apart from ensuring that day-to-day operations run smoothly, they’re responsible for providing the professional face clients encounter when dealing with your business. They guarantee that everyone in the company is able to perform their duties without hinderance. Effective communicators, proficient organisers, and multi-skilled, having the correct office support team in place is the master move your company is able to make with our support.

The mark of a truly effective office support team is that you’re left able to conduct pertinent business without being hindered by minor admin responsibilities. The team should be able to function without continuous checking. Duties such as wages, HR support, debtor’s management and call centre operations need to quietly tick over in the background like a well-oiled machine. Without this support, your company is facing dark times as you juggle your responsibilities in order to oversee these essential tasks.


Due to our extensive experience in all economic sectors within our country, we’re able to find and secure the perfect team for your unique company. By allowing us to assemble a qualified and skilled team, you’re able to lessen your work stress and rest assured essential company process are being expertly taken care of.

We have the right people for all your office support needs, including: 

  • Artisans

  • Buyers

  • Cleaners

  • Engineers

  • Forklift drivers

  • General workers

  • Health and safety representatives

  • Maintenance staff

  • Operations managers

  • Operators

  • Pickers/Packers

  • Planners

  • Quality controllers

  • Reach truck operators

What makes our service unique?

Availability of staff: We always try to recruit from the local community where possible, however our constantly expanding database includes candidates across the country.

Quality of staff: Strict verification procedures and reference checks are conducted when recruiting candidates. Criminal and bureau checks can be administered when required.

Turnaround time: With a footprint in all major cities in the country, and into Africa, our impressive branch infrastructure facilitates quick turnaround times.

Training: All contract managers, supervisors and outsourced staff are fully trained and thoroughly inducted to ensure complete understanding of your business.

Supervision: We provide contract managers and where necessary in-store supervisors to ensure that predetermined service level standards are maintained.

Administration: We manage the administration related to outsourced staff including statutory registrations and payments, legal compliance, contractor management and payroll processing.

Transport: Transportation of staff can be arranged as per contract requirements expanding database includes candidates across the country.

Our 50+ years of experience in the staffing sector has enabled our specialists to develop sophisticated systems and models for the assessment of candidates for various positions. We provide experienced and skilled staff to keep costs down and productivity up, ultimately sharpening your competitive industry edge.

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Getting a job with us is mahala!

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