Our manufacturing staffing solutions

South Africa has the potential to revive, remould and expand its manufacturing sector through partnerships between industry and government.

– Department of Trade and Industry deputy
director-general Lionel October



Our Manufacturing Landscape

More than 1,1 million South Africans are employed in the formal manufacturing sector
22% work in the fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment sector
The next highest employer is food, beverages and tobacco products at 20%


Making South Africa’s Future

South Africa produces over 600 000 quality vehicles a year
The year 2030 aims to see more than a million vehicles produced annually
22 new leather factories for clothing manufacturing have opened within seven years


The Global Manufacturing Outlook

Talented workers capable of supporting innovation is a key factor for success
Iceland is regarded as the most innovative country in terms of manufacturing
South Africa was globally ranked 51st in terms of manufacturing innovations

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Productive Prospects with Manufacturing

Manufacturing Circle executive director, Philippa Rodseth, has called manufacturing an “engine of growth for the South African economy.” The ability to build and create with innovation and confidence is key for this ever-fluctuating sector. A global trend for eco-consciousness and local pride can only strengthen our country’s drive to produce more goods while importing fewer foreign products. Our increased open economy also has the international market ready and willing to enter into business agreements with our country, so long as processes remain legally compliant.

Finding stability in the Construction Industry

Building your manufacturing business can be an extremely lucrative yet risky operation if not done with the right partners. Our country’s restrictive laws and union sway make for difficult employment conditions. Unplanned power outages, industrial action, and sudden legal amendments are also factors which can endanger your investment. Fortunately, we’re readily available with the meticulous solutions needed to combat these risks and increase the reward.


Our vast experience in managing the manufacturing industry’s ups and downs means that your operation is always in safe, compliant
hands when it comes to the provision of expert staffing solutions. Whether you need additional staff for your peak season, for a
specific project, during industrial action or simply want to outsource your staff complement, we will take care of all your staffing needs.

We supply all categories of staff to businesses in the manufacturing sector including but not limited to:


Assemblers and fabricators
Forklift drivers
General workers
Health and safety representatives
Maintenance staff
Operations managers
 Quality controllers
 Reach truck operators

What makes our service unique?

Availability of staff: We always try to recruit from the local community where possible, however our constantly expanding database includes candidates across the country.

Quality of staff: Strict verification procedures and reference checks are conducted when recruiting candidates. Criminal
and bureau checks can be administered when required.

Turnaround time: With a footprint in all major cities in the country, and into Africa, our impressive branch infrastructure facilitates quick turnaround times.

Training: All contract managers, supervisors and outsourced staff are fully trained and thoroughly inducted to ensure
complete understanding of your business.

Supervision: We provide contract managers and where necessary in-store supervisors to ensure that predetermined service level standards are maintained.

Administration: We manage the administration related to outsourced staff including statutory registrations and payments, legal compliance, contractor management and payroll processing.

Transport: Transportation of staff can be arranged as per contract requirements

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