Our logistics staffing solutions

The performance and growth of the South African logistics industry are both inputs to and outflows from the performance and growth of the South African economy.

 Dr Dirk Prinsloo, MD of specialist research firm, Urban Studies



Our current logistics reality

The volume of goods transported increased by 15% from January 2016 to January 2017
The corresponding income increased by 19,6% over the same period
The transportation of mining and quarrying products contributed the largest increase, 27,7%


South Africa’s road to success

Within the next 20 years, self-driving vehicles will be available in South Africa
Developing technologies demand logistics staff with specialised tech skills
High fuel costs, tolls and technology pressure pose potential challenges going forward


The global logistics forecast

39% of global freight businesses struggle to recruit staff with the necessary technical skills
Drone deliveries are currently being pioneered by Amazon
Cloud-based logistics programmes will help owners of single vehicles compete with businesses with hundreds of trucks

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Taking the best route to logistics success

We can safely state that South Africa’s logistics sector is the backbone of our country. We rely on this vast network of transportation to ensure food is adequality distributed, to transport petrol to your local garage, to keep shops and warehouses stocked while simultaneously securing jobs futures. Sound logistics ensure that South African exports are able to safely leave our country and generate profit in overseas markets. Competent logistics companies keep our country growing.

However, our country’s penchant for erratic fuel prices and unforeseen industrial action creates a volatile environment for the growth of this essential sector. Varying qualities of roads and infrastructure can hinder and cost logistics companies excessive amounts. Simultaneously, our drive for growth also welcomes the potential for an assortment of technologies. Self-driving cars, cloud-based systems and more have become future realities, leaving behind those who don’t embrace their potential.

This drive for growth demands a workforce of trained and skilled employees. As technology offers the opportunity to expand your business, it also requires a skilled staff contingent to manage its progress.


No matter if you require staff for your warehouse, distribution centre, or behind a steering wheel, we supply staffing solutions to companies across South Africa. Whether you need additional staff for your peak season or during industrial action, we can take
care of all your staffing needs. Outsourcing your staff complement is a viable and effective method of growing your company.

We supply all categories of staff to businesses in the warehousing and distribution sector including:


Administrative and support staff
Data capturers
Drivers (Forklift, Codes 8, 10 and 14)
General workers
Packers and Pickers
Supply planners
Transport managers
Warehouse managers

What makes our service unique?

Availability of staff: We always try to recruit from the local community where possible, however our constantly expanding database includes candidates across the country.

Quality of staff: Strict verification procedures and reference checks are conducted when recruiting candidates. Criminal
and bureau checks can be administered when required.

Turnaround time: With a footprint in all major cities in the country, and into Africa, our impressive branch infrastructure facilitates quick turnaround times.

Training: All contract managers, supervisors and outsourced staff are fully trained and thoroughly inducted to ensure
complete understanding of your business.

Supervision: We provide contract managers and where necessary in-store supervisors to ensure that predetermined service level standards are maintained.

Administration: We manage the administration related to outsourced staff including statutory registrations and payments, legal compliance, contractor management and payroll processing. Transportation of staff can be arranged as per contract requirements

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