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“South Africa suffers from a gross skills shortage”

– Bonang Mohale, Chief Executive of Business Leadership SA


The Global Picture

  • Post-COVID, many global organisations are planning a hiring spree over the next 12 months as their growth prospects improve.
  • 63% of these businesses are concerned that they won’t be able to find the people with skills they require to fill these positions.
  • They agree that the availability of key skills is the biggest threat to their organisation’s growth.

Looking at Local

  • Software development remains the most in demand skill set.
  • IT specialists, business management, sales, finance, admin, show promising employment prospects.
  • There are over 200 officially gazetted scarce skills acknowledged by the South African Government.

Providing the Solutions

  • Inviting new talent to an area can result in valuable skills transfer to local employees.
  • Importing talent opens local industries to new methodologies and technologies.
  • International skills sourcing allows for the filling of niche positions in scarce skills industries.

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Scarce and critical skills are defined as those in absolute or relative demand for skilled, qualified and experienced people to fill particular roles/professions, occupations or specialisations in the labour market. Essentially, scarce skills are those job types for which employers cannot find suitably qualified or experienced employees.


Is your company’s growth being hindered by a lack of specific talent? The issue of critical skills shortages is not one confined exclusively to South Africa but is prevalent on a global scale. The high demand for specialised talent and turnkey management of needs has driven Workforce Staffing to hone and perfect our methods of international skills sourcing, establishing us as the solution provider that always deliver.

Our well-resourced team has an in-depth knowledge of the recruiting space across multiple borders and within every business sector, allowing us to provide a comprehensive solution to your manpower needs. Our tailored response to your project’s requirements ensures that the talent you need is placed in the correct position.

Our Skills Sourcing Solutions

Workforce Staffing specialises in sourcing scarce and critical skills internationally and deploying them locally, and visa-versa. We handle the full process on your behalf, from search to settled. Our process covers all of the following essential steps:

  • Clarifying and understanding your talent needs

  • Locating the relevant skilled professional

  • Transferring them to your site of work

  • Handling their transport needs and documentation

  • Taking care of insurances and additional paperwork

  • Onboarding and settling them into their position

  • Establishing them in the country

What makes our service unique?

Skill transferring: In cases where local talent could not fill the scarce skill need, introducing qualified talent to an area opens the opportunity for skills transferring to the local workforce.

Quality of staff: Strict verification procedures and reference checks are conducted when recruiting candidates. Criminal and bureau checks can be administered when required.

Turnaround time: With a footprint in all major cities in the country, and extensive databases beyond our borders, our impressive infrastructure facilitates quick turnaround times.

Supervision: We provide contract managers and where necessary in-store supervisors to ensure that predetermined service level standards are maintained.

Administration: We manage all the administration related to the sourced talent including statutory registrations and payments, legal compliance, contractor management and payroll processing.

Our 50+ years of experience in the staffing sector has enabled our specialists to develop sophisticated systems and models for the assessment of candidates for various positions. We provide experienced and skilled staff to keep costs down and productivity up, ultimately sharpening your competitive industry edge.

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Getting a job with us is mahala!

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