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The South African hospitality industry

Tourism contributed 10% to our GDP in 2016
2018 Economy contribution prediction – R424.5 billon
Hotel room revenue increased by 10% from 2016 to 2017
Foreign tourism in 2016 saw a 12.8% increase
Amended visa requirements have made South Africa a new favoured destination


Local tourism forecasts

A 3% growth from 2017


What do South Africans spend their income on?

32% Housing and utilities
17.1% Transportation
2.4% Restaurants and hotels


Global travel and tourism sector growth

The industry supports one in ten jobs on the planet
Since 2011, the industry has outgrown all other broad economic sectors,
including manufacturing, agriculture and financial services

* Reported by the World Travel & Tourism Council, Statistics South Africa and PWC

There is no other sector in the country that is showing 8% growth per annum. – Sisa Nthsona, Chief Executive Officer for South African Tourism

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The essential role of hospitality

In 2017, our hospitality sector (including travel and tourism) supported 1.5 million families in South Africa, accounting for 9.5% of the total employment in our country. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates that by 2028 almost 2.1 million jobs in South Africa will depend on the industry.

Recently ranked the fifth most beautiful country in the world in a global survey, South Africa doesn’t just offer natural beauty but cultural diversity and a difficult to beat value for money. Our hospitality industry caters to the needs of locals and foreign tourists alike, expanding and becoming more and more innovative every year.

Data-driven business, the latest technological revolutions and wellness awareness are part of global hospitality trends set to dominate the foreseeable industry landscape. Combined with strategic partnering and exceptional staffing talent, hospitality businesses in South Africa remain both competitive and highly relevant.


Our hospitality specialists provide customised staffing solutions to the hospitality, catering and leisure industries. Our experience and expertise in these sectors mean that we can meet your fluctuating demands and still provide a high level of service.

We make a point of fully understanding your requirements, elevating your workforce profile, capability and calibre through appointments, training interventions and employee benefits. Partnering with us provides you with a national extension to your business. We stay up to date with the latest trends and train and mentor your teams accordingly. We strive to truly personalize our service to fit the ambiance, style and ambitions of our clients.

We supply all categories of trained hospitality, catering and leisure staff.

 Admin staff
 Bar attendants
 Cashiers Casino staff
 Chefs Cleaners
 Food and beverage controllers
 Front and back office support
 Maintenance staff

What makes our service unique?

Availability and quality of staff
Our comprehensive and constantly expanding database gives us access to candidates based across the country and beyond the South African borders. Strict verification procedures and reference checks are conducted when recruiting candidates. We are also able to conduct criminal and bureau checks when required.

Turnaround time
Our geographic reach extends to all major cities in the country and into Africa, and our impressive branch infrastructure facilitates quick turnaround times for staff deployment, queries and management decisions.

All contract managers, supervisors and outsourced staff are fully trained and thoroughly inducted to ensure complete understanding of your business.

We provide contract managers and supervisors to ensure that predetermined service level standards are maintained.

We manage the administration related to outsourced staff including statutory registrations and payments, legal compliance, contractor management and payroll processing.

Transportation of staff can be arranged as per your requirements.

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