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“South African wines have seen significant growth [internationally]. Furthermore, various spices and sauces from our country have also hit the shelves of supermarkets due to their health components and qualities.”

– Sibanda-Thusi, Department of Trade and Industry.


South Africa’s need for nutrition

  • Our population will approach 65.5 million by the year 2050
  • COVID-19 impacted local-scale food production affecting the availability, affordability and accessibility of food.
  • At least 20% of South African households have inadequate or severely inadequate access to food due to poverty and unemployment.

Our food manufacturing need

  • Local maize prices are expected to increase due to the weaker rand, growing demand for our maize in the Southern Africa region and the Far East and higher global grain prices.
  • The grain milling sector is an important role player in food security as its products are the primary ingredients of South Africa’s staple foods – maize meal and bread.
  • Products like cake flour and pasta are among the most popular panic buying food items due to their extended shelf life.Our 2021 budget includes R791.2 billion allocated for investment in infrastructure.

Global food manufacturing industry realities

  • Sustainability must be commonplace: 65% of consumers want to have a positive impact on the environment everyday actions.
  • The gut microbiome emerges as the gateway through wellness and will be a big seller.
  • Plant-Based food boom demands greater variety and nutrition.

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South Africa’s reputation for food is globally revered. Award winning wines, local brands with international fan bases, products endorsed by celebrities far and wide; our reputation for healthy food and high standards is known across the world. However, while the ground work might be laid for solid global trade, our food manufacturing industry still has ample room, and need, for growth and development in order to achieve its full potential.

Developments into advanced food manufacturing technologies can help reduce costs, increase output, secure employment and most importantly, help our country remain food secure and ever growing.


The food manufacturing sector is pertinent to South Africa’s economic growth. From immense international trade deals to local contracts, opportunities are abundant and success in this growing industry can be lucrative and rewarding. Even more so when you receive the correct guidance and support from an accredited Temporary Employment Services provider.

We have many years of experience helping food manufacturing businesses find success in their varied and unique operations. From dairy to beer, bread to fish, our experience in South Africa’s wide range of manufacturing processes is broad and exhaustive.

We provide expert support in:

  • Establishing industry demarcation

  • Functioning during strikes

  • International and local collaboration

  • Local community involvement and procurement

  • Managing union relations

  • PLA/Unified terms

  • Providing training and skills transfer

  • TES and direct employment services

Our 50 years of experience in the staffing sector has enabled our specialists to develop sophisticated systems and models for the assessment of candidates for various positions. We provide experienced and skilled staff to keep costs down and productivity up, sharpening your competitive industry edge.

We have the right people for the right job in the food manufacturing industry:

  • Artisans

  • Buyers

  • Cleaners

  • Engineers

  • Forklift drivers

  • General workers

  • Health and safety representatives

  • Maintenance staff

  • Operations managers

  • Operators

  • Pickers/Packers

  • Planners

  • Quality controllers

  • Reach truck operators

What makes our service unique?

Availability and quality of staff: Our comprehensive and constantly expanding database gives us access to candidates conducted when recruiting candidates. We are also able to conduct criminal and bureau checks when required.

Turnaround time: Our geographic reach extends to all major cities in the country, and into Africa, and our impressive branch infrastructure facilitates quick turnaround times for staff deployment, queries and management decisions.

Administration: We facilitate practical tests (if required), complete any desired medical examinations and assist with job and company orientation

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Getting a job with us is mahala!

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