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By Donné Nieman, Sales Manager, Western Cape at Workforce Staffing

Since Covid-19 restrictions were fully lifted in June, there has been a rapid push to return to life as normal, and this includes a huge ramp up in terms of events, travel, and all areas within the hospitality sector. While recovery is essential given the knock to both the industry and the country’s economy because of lockdown, caution is still key. There remains an element of uncertainty around the future and the economy is still unstable, so permanent employment is not necessarily the most desirable option. In addition, in the rush to get back to business-as-usual, hospitality organisations risk running into compliance challenges if the proper processes for recruitment and hiring are not followed. A Temporary Employment Services (TES) partner can prove invaluable in providing scalable staffing solutions that meet fluctuating demand while always remaining fully compliant.

External influences are still a challenge

The hospitality industry has been under duress for the past two years and more, forcing most businesses to downscale significantly. Now, we are seeing a rapid increase in the number of events taking place, and travel is becoming more viable, although not yet at pre-pandemic levels. The challenge is that life is still uncertain, and external factors are still disrupting the industry, including load shedding. Many events take place at short notice, which can make gearing up staff a challenge.

Getting the right calibre of people in quickly is critical, but one must always be cognisant of the need for compliance with the various laws and regulations. It is essential to still follow the necessary vetting and checks on all potential staff, which can be challenging under pressure. This is where a TES partner truly shines. A reputable TES provider will have access to a broad database of skills that have already been checked, verified, and vetted, and can be deployed quickly to help hospitality scale up and down as needed.

Flexibility is vital to success

Covid-19 has highlighted the need for flexibility when it comes to the labour force, particularly within hospitality. Planning in advance remains impossible, and nothing is certain or dependable at present. When we do not know what the future holds, it can be difficult to match supply with demand. A reliable, reputable recruitment partner in the form of a TES provider can ensure that hotels, restaurants, event venues and more can cater for demand even as it fluctuates, and even at the last minute, regardless of external disrupting factors.

A TES provider will also provide additional benefits, such as all admin around hiring, including vetting and skills matching, human resources, and importantly compliance and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) requirements. The hospitality sector may be on the road to recovery, but it will be a long journey back to pre-Covid-19 levels. As we rush to get back to normal, it is important to always bear in mind the importance of compliance and leverage the skills of a TES provider to help with flexibility, scalability and a compliant workforce.



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