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The South African aviation industry

84% – South Africa’s level of effective implementation of security and safety standards (60% is the global average)
South Africa has 3 major and 90 regional airports
Becoming a marketable commercial pilot typically takes five years and up to R1 million in fees


Local aviation industry forecasts

24 000 new pilots, 23 000 new technicians and 28 000 new cabin crew will be needed over the next 20 years
Air passenger growth is predicted to grow over 5% annually until 2032


What do South Africans spend their income on?

32% Housing and utilities
17.1% Transportation
2.4% Restaurants and hotels


Global aviation industry realities

Tourism in Africa grew by 9% in 2017, the highest increase of any global region
Passenger demand in Africa’s aviation industry is expected to grow by 7.5%
Air traffic is set to double by 2030
The aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world
An estimated 533,000 new commercial airline pilots will be needed over the next 20 years.

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The unstoppable growth of aviation

The majority of African air traffic used to be to Europe or the United States. Now, routes between African countries, the Middle East and Asia have grown significantly, increasing tourism and creating a much higher travel demand. Airports and air travel in Africa need to answer growth demands in all spheres of the industry in order to cope with the increased demand, both in the air and on the ground.

Recently ranked the fifth most beautiful country in the world in a global survey**, South Africa is often seen as an affordable and accessible travel destination for many Europeans and other international tourists. Coupled with this global rise in interest, South Africans also reported an increase in frequency in overseas holiday trips.** With global liberalisation and the opening of the sector for private players, the industry has seen a significant rise in the employee base. With this phenomenal current growth rate and predicted sky-high trajectory, our aviation industry needs to step up for fear of missing out.

*Reported by the National Aviation Services, The International Civil Aviation Organization, Boeing’s 2017 Pilot and Technician Outlook, National Bureau of Statistics

**2016 TripAdvisor survey


More and more airlines are beginning to recognise the real cost of poor candidate placements. In order to avoid high staff turnover with its consequential costs – wasted time, money, disruption and absent resources – business innovators have turned to consulting selection specialists which assist them with everything from the sourcing of key executives to the implementation of large scale recruitment campaigns.

Our 45+ years of experience in the staffing sector enable our specialists to develop sophisticated systems and models for the assessment of candidates for various positions like pilots, cabin crew, flight crew, ground crew and more. We select and recruit aviation personnel for a range of clients including civil, military and VIP corporate aircraft operators and provide our clients, who want to avail of our ‘executive search’ services for aviation personnel, with psychometric and psychological profiling.

This means that your operation receives the very best candidate that delivers results and fits into your company culture, reducing turnover and maximising profitability.

We have the right people for the right job in the airline industry:

 Air Traffic Controllers
 Cabin Crew
 Cargo Managers & Handlers
 First Officers
 Flight Engineers & Operators
 Ground Operators
 HR Specialists
 JAR Audit Inspectors
 Licensed Engineers
 Maintenance Personnel
 Pilots and Captains
 Sheet Metal Workers
 Simulator Instructors
 Training Captains

We are at the forefront of innovation in the recruitment industry with our cutting-edge systems. This ensures we can continuously meet your changing needs with relevant, up-to-date, online solutions.

-Charlotte Agenbacht,
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What makes our service unique?

Availability and quality of staff: Our comprehensive and constantly expanding database gives us access to candidates based across the country and beyond our South African borders. Strict verification procedures and reference checks are conducted when recruiting candidates and we’re able to conduct criminal and bureau checks when required.

Turnaround time: Our geographic reach extends to all major cities in the country and into Africa. Our impressive branch infrastructure facilitates quick turnaround times for staff deployment, queries and management decisions.

Administration: We facilitate practical rests (if required), complete medical examinations, obtain Visas and passports for selected candidates, complete the immigration formalities, assist with job and company orientation, and organise the candidates’ departure from the airport.

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